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“The Test and The Art of Thinking” – The Unecessary Struggle to Ace an Unecessary Test


The SAT and its cousin, the ACT, is one of, if not the, most daunting trials for students. These admissions tests are a major source of stress and pressure for those looking to get into universities of good standing, and they’re practically unavoidable. Prestigious schools seemingly only accept applicants with exceptionally high scores – thus ensuring a high ranking for themselves – and an entire industry has been built around preparing for the test. Education reform after education reform has molded high school curriculum into adhering to these tests. Filmmaker Michael Arlen Davis, in his new documentary The Test & the Art of Thinking, dives deep into the history and inner workings of the SAT to reveal what many students have probably already decided for themselves: These tests are a poor representation of one’s actual intelligence.

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