The Test & The Art of Thinking

The Test & The Art of Thinking

Parents and students understand the energy and emotions conjured by the SAT, which is not only part of the college admissions process, but also a true rite of passage for teenagers in the United States. Most of us never forget our score, or how we feel about it. This film endeavors to support individuals—especially young people—by examining what the test measures and means, and asking a range of visionaries, admissions professionals, and interested parties to discuss the use and ramifications of the test


“Explains everything that’s wrong with using the SAT in the college admissions process”


“Finds only more grounds for controversy — including the exams’ encroaching effect on what gets taught in high school…”


“Doggedly questions an exam that affects the futures of millions”


“A brutal takedown of a practice now warping K-12 education”



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Date: September 2015
Producers: Michael Arlen Davis and Jyll Johnstone