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WSJ calls Martha & Ethel “a powerfully absorbing film”

From the Wall Street Journal:

“…the two have produced a powerfully absorbing film. On one level, “Martha & Ethel” is a piece of American social history that weaves interviews, family photographs and archival footage for a penetrating look at class and family. On another, it’s an intensely personal document: a struggle to make sense of a pair of gilded and apparently unhappy childhoods.”

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“A stirring exploration of individual relationships”

From the LA Village View:

“The family is the perennial site of neurotic conflict and artistic examination, the very font of who we are and why we are that way. Jyll Johnstone and Barbara Ettinger’s Martha and Ethel is a brave attempt at examining such material, a foray into a developing genre: the personal, almost diaristic documentary. It is a stirring exploration of individual relationships and private memory, sure to strike chords in almost every viewer.”

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“Martha & Ethel embodies a universal dimension”


From Variety:

“Highly personal and original, “Martha & Ethel” deals with a subject rarely seen onscreen before: nannies and their long-lasting influence on the children they raise. Criss-crossing the paths of the filmmakers’ own nannies, a German-Catholic and a Southern black woman, this remarkable docu provides a piercing yet subtle look at the inner workings of two families as they change over five decades of American history and politics.”

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‘Throwing Curves’ Relates The History of Many Eras In The Life Of One Creative Woman

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From The Ark:

“…Throwing Curves delves into the life and art of Eva Zeisel, a Jewish woman born into the Hungarian aristocracy in 1906. It is a poignant and revealing look at a feisty, talented, independent woman who rose from hardworking apprentice to head designer in European factories, only to become a political prisoner facing execution in Stalin’s Russia and a fugitive fleeing Hitler’s persecution in Nazi Austria.”