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Ari Cohen’s Muse: Mimi Weddell

We are really excited for Ari Seth Cohen whose fabulous blog, Advanced Style has inspired a documentary of the same name.  The documentary ‘Advanced Style‘ examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers whose eclectic personal style and vital spirit have guided their approach to aging.

Ari Seth Cohen met Mimi Weddell, the subject of Canobie Films’ documentary, ‘Hats Off‘, in his hometown of San Diego when director Jyll Johstone and Mimi were on tour for the film. He was  a member of the audience and he stood up and told Mimi he was moving to New York City in the fall and could he come by and visit her? She of course said, “Absolutely.”

Unfortunately, when he got to the city and called Mimi, she didn’t remember him! He was very persistent and eager to meet with her so Ari reached out to Jyll and she connected them. He has always called Mimi, “my muse,” and has since gone on to write a book, and collaborated with filmmaker Lina Plioplyte on the documentary.

When you’re together with family over the holidays, Advanced Style is a great film to inspire the grandparents and spark some spirited conversation around aging.

Happy Holidays!

Watch the trailer for Advanced Style on YouTube:

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