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Director Jyll Johnstone Shares Her Passions

I am a filmmaker, photographer and mother, curious about many things. Inspired by the visual and the  casual, and the odd turn of events. The poetry of everyday life.

I love  healthy food and am particularly keen on gluten free recipes.

The good fortune of  travel can so easily change a perspective, and is a blessing I cherish.  Studying Italian is daunting, as my daughters often point out, "There's no way, mom, you are going to master it," but  the language is beautiful and who the heck knows anyhow!

iPhone photography has become a new fascination, with all the different apps out there to produce so many different ways of seeing.

We, as a family, are involved with  Waldorf education, especially as a tool to help parents with young children. The preschool and Kindergarten age deserve the opportunity to learn the benefits of play without the ever present intrusion of the internet. This one is definitely on my project list.

Homeopathy, along with aromatherapy, medicinal oils, and plants are intriguing and useful to help with illnesses and most any ailment.

Starting later in life with most things, as with children and making films, allows me to appreciate  age and the need to keep things all moving forwards.

Our family is partners with two others in a modest, diverse Biodynamic farm in Mendocino County, California. The Anderson Valley, like much of Northern California, had once been home to a wide variety of fruit cultivation, but is no longer. Our partners are attempting a return to a more traditional and balanced farm ecosystem. More than40 varieties of apples, 8 varieties of blueberries, peaches, plums, table grapes, olive oil, and pears.

I love to swim.  There is a stellar water aerobic class called WaterGym in Northern California where I have lived for the past 20 years. But if you were to ask  where I am from, I would say, “New York City.”

Born and raised in Manhattan,  all my films have been shot in and around there. New York is the place to visit family and friends and feel the buzz of creativity that exudes from its core.

What are you passionate about? I'd love to hear from you!